In Blockchain We Trust

July 26, 2021 • Read: 1182 • 经济学笔记

Build and Fund the Open Web Together

Connect with the community developing digital public goods, creating financial freedom, and defining the future of the open web.

My BTC address: bc1qph4jfeekgk5r2stthj99cue2zw5gtacr8fqltr
My ETH address: alertcat.eth
My DOGE address: D8BtVrwrRbCdCJx9c9J6Lrpq8a9GtSbxhG

The project is supported by user donations. Donate for this vision to become true. Even the smallest donation counts. Send you contribution to the Bitcoin, the Ethereum or the Dogecoin address.



我的BTC地址: bc1qph4jfeekgk5r2stthj99cue2zw5gtacr8fqltr
我的ETH地址: alertcat.eth
我的DOGE地址: D8BtVrwrRbCdCJx9c9J6Lrpq8a9GtSbxhG


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